5 Summer Activities Your Dog Will Love, Vol 2

Owner With Dog Outside
Is your dog bored with the agility course you set up in the backyard? Frisbee stuck in the tree? Don’t worry—here are 5 more summer activities you and your dog can enjoy together!
1. Create a Doggie Splash Park in the Backyard
Keep your dog cool when the weather is scorching! You can secure a tarp down on the lawn, fill a kiddie pool (not too deep), get one of those old-fashioned lawn sprinklers that waves back and forth and make some puppy popsicles they can lick when they are all tuckered out from frolicking in the water.
2. A Puppy and Me Drive-in Movie Date
You can visit the Beacon or the Winchester drive-ins with your dog! A successful doggie movie date includes a dog that has played hard and is relaxed (see #1) and has already done his or her business before coming. Try to avoid really loud action movies and set up a comfy, cozy space in your car where your dog can retreat if he/she gets overstimulated. And don’t forget the treats!
3. Start Blogging from Your Dog’s Point of View
Does your dog have a unique world view? Naturally! Using short sentences and dog psychology, you can review your splash park, the last movie you saw at the drive-in together, explain what really happened when the trash can was tipped over, and help other local dog owners with reviews of places and activities you’ve shared with your dog. Need some inspiration? Try Jack’s Blog or Preston Speaks!
4. Try a Doga Class (Dog Yoga!)
No, seriously, it’s a real thing and it’s a lot more than just downward facing dog! You get to spend quality time being “in the moment” with your dog, stretching, building trust and getting into shape together. While it may seem unusual, it can actually help dogs focus and lower their anxiety as well as yours. Give it a try—classes are popping up here all the time.
5. A Doggie Dinner Date.
Did you know that there are actually a few dog-friendly restaurants in Oklahoma City? These usually have patio dining areas where dogs can eat with their human pals. Some even have special doggie menus so you, your dog and your friends can have a night out together.

Have you tried any of these activities with your dog? Are there any other summer dog activities you love? Let us know!

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