Bravely Onward Feature

  In October 2014, we opened the doors to our new home and state-of-the-art clinic in Edmond. After years of dreaming and planning, we were thrilled to expand and provide our clients with the best technology and pet-friendly location possible. During this journey, Oklahoma Fidelity Bank believed in our vision and helped enable our team

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7 Must-Have Gifts for Animal Lovers

Christmas is just around the corner, which means it’s time to fill up the stockings with treats for your favorite friends – both the human ones and your favorite furry buddies. We reached out to Oklahoman artists, bakers, and shop owners to find out their best-selling gifts and treats this Christmas season. If you’re still

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10 Must-Have Gifts for Your Pets

As you finish Christmas shopping for all your family members and favorite animal lovers, don’t forget about your favorite furry friends! We found ten local Oklahoma makers who are passionate about creating quality treats and gifts for their pets and we have created a list of our top gift ideas for this holiday season! Shop local

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Dogs Through History

Are you a dog-lover and an avid history buff? We’ve combined two of our favorite things for an in-depth look at history’s greatest figures. Take a moment to explore history…like you’ve never seen it before. But we have to warn you – in the midst of tail-wagging good times and puppy love, there were also

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Welcome Kisses & Little One!

We would like to introduce the newest members to the Sunset Vet Clinic family, Kisses & Little One! What is more adorable than a sweet little kitten? Two kittens! We are on kitty cuteness overload with this loveable duo. Kisses is a female 9-week-old gray Domestic Longhair kitten with fur that is so very soft! She

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Welcome Opal!

We are excited to welcome Opal Gregg and her loving owner Lexi to the Sunset Vet Clinic family! Opal is an 9 week-old fawn colored Boxer with the cutest little face. Like a typical puppy Opal loves to chew on, paw at, and play with everyone and everything! She always comes dressed to impress with her stylish collar accessories! We

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Maverick the Frisky Feline

We would like to introduce our newest member to the Sunset Vet Clinic family, Maverick! Maverick is a 9-week-old grey Domestic Longhair kitten with tabby and white fur that is long and so very soft! Like a typical kitten, he loves to play with his toys, owner, or whatever is around to entertain him. We

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Goose the Wingman

Goose stands confident at only 6 weeks old! We would like to introduce and welcome Goose Dugger to the Sunset Veterinary Clinic family! Goose is only 6 weeks old in this picture, but you wouldn’t know it from how big he already is! He is a beautiful black and tan German Shepherd puppy. Goose loves to

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Loveable Lottie

We would like to welcome Lottie the Boston Terrier to the Sunset Vet Clinic family! Lottie is a super cute female 16-week-old Boston Terrier with black and white fur. Lottie is fun-loving, sweet, and loves to pose for the camera! She is cared for by her loving owners, Megan and Eli. We are excited when Lottie comes to our

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