Welcome Dumble Dog!

We are excited to introduce Dumble Dog Moore, a new addition to the Sunset Vet Clinic family!  He is a 10-week-old, brown and white English Bulldog and a little pile of love!  During his recent visit with Dr. Grimmett, Dumble Dog just fell asleep during the appointment.  We didn’t want to interrupt his nap so

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Sweet Murphy Draper

We would like to introduce Murphy Draper, another loved member of the Sunset Vet Clinic family! Murphy is a 7-year-old, dapple colored Miniature Dachshund who is the sweetest little wienie dog!  We are fortunate enough to see Murphy quite often because he is a “frequent flyer” here at Sunset and boards from time to time. 

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We love Pumpkin Pie!

We would like to introduce another loved member of the Sunset Vet Clinic family, Miss Pumpkin Pie Walker! She is a 3-year-old, brown and white, Great Pyrenees Mix with the sweetest personality and the longest legs!  Pumpkin was rescued as a puppy from Free to Live and we have been fortunate enough to care for

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Kelly the Little Golden

We would like to welcome little Miss Kelly Schwartz to the Sunset Vet Clinic family! She is a 10-week-old Golden Retriever puppy and a furry bundle of joy that loves to play.  We are excited to welcome her and be fortunate enough to give her the proper veterinary care she needs to grow into a

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Little Miss Sophie Hedrick

We are excited to welcome Sophie Hedrick to the Sunset Vet Family!  Miss Sophie is a little 12-week-old, apricot colored Toy Poodle and just as cute as she can be!  She came in for her very first grooming appointment recently and did such a great job.  Look how fancy she looks with her hair done

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Grooming Fancy Annie

This is “Annie” Bruce.  She is a standard poodle and loves having fancy nails.  Her stylist Brandi is always getting creative when planning Annie’s look.  Each time come in for a grooming, she walks out the door with her little chest puffed out.  She has to stop and allow all her fans to take a

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Cody the Wonder Dog

Our little buddy “Cody” has a fun loving spirit.  He is always happy to see us and gives lots of “sugars”.  He is technically the Grand Dog of Jill and Barry but we have a feeling that he will have a hard time rejoining his dad when the time comes. Cody underwent back surgery in

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