In the News: Saving Shelter Cats with a High-Five

In the News: Saving Shelter Cats with a High-Five

When visiting an animal shelter, it can be heart-wrenching to know that not all of the loving cats, dogs, and other pets will be lucky enough to be adopted into warm homes. Often, though, this is simply because each animal’s unique and special personality doesn’t have a chance to shine through.

To combat these missed opportunities, one charitable pet care program is doing their best to help cats “put their best paw forward” when meeting potential adoptive parents. 

The “Cat Pawsitive” Program

The “Cat Pawsitive” Program was the brainchild of Jackson Galaxy, host of “My Cat From Hell,” a show on Animal Planet. Having worked at animal shelters before, Galaxy knew that those animals who had that extra little “spark” (who could sit on command, jump to catch treats, or shake hands, for example) were often the first to get adopted. 

With “Cat Pawsitive,” Galaxy hoped to inspire and teach shelters across America how to uncover tricks and special talents in their own animals and help them get adopted faster. The program teaches staff and volunteers at shelters how to train their animals to do easy, positive tricks and other behaviors. Cats can learn how to sit, do high-fives, spin, do head bumps, jump through hoops, and more. 

Cat Care at Its Best: Helping Cats Open Up

Shelters are often frightening and stress-inducing for cats. It’s not uncommon for even the most special, well-trained, and sweet cats to recoil with fear and not show their fun and friendly personalities. Unfortunately, this means they may not be readily adopted when potential new owners come around. 

In the United States, approximately 3.2 millions cats enter shelters each year. Of those, 860,000 are euthanized.

Ultimately, “Cat Pawsitive” aims to help shelter cats open up and “put their best paw forward.” It’s been an immensely successful program, with excellent results for both shelter cats and their new owners.

Watch This Moving Video About The “Cat Pawsitive” Program

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Cat Training Guide

To check out a short guide to clicker training with your own cat, click here.

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