Resolution: Walk Your Dog More Often

Woman Walking Dog

January is “National Walk Your Pet Month.” Therefore, this time of year provides excellent motivation to adopt a New Year’s resolution to walk your dog more frequently all year long. The health benefits that walks inspire are numerous and significant for both you and your pup.

But should you ever have any trouble remembering why you willingly resolved to pursue such pet care when weather or timing may not be perfect, consider keeping this handy list of benefits at the ready in order to remind you.

Dog Health

Your dog is in need of frequent walks not only for his or her physical health, but for mental and emotional health reasons as well. In addition to keeping your dog’s body in excellent shape, frequent walking will help to reduce attention-seeking behaviors, lower instances of hyperactivity and minimize destructive behaviors. In addition, frequent walking helps to regulate the digestive system and stabilizes weight gain.

A Healthier You

Walking your dog more often will also help to promote your physical, mental and emotional health. Walking is a great low-impact form of exercise that helps to maintain or reduce weight, sharpens mental focus, improves coordination and balance, enhances mood and promotes healthy sleep. While frequent walks may be challenging at first, your body will soon come to “crave” them and their associated benefits.

Inspires Routine in Your Lives

Numerous studies indicate that a regular daily routine can help to improve physical, social and emotional wellbeing. Taking your dog for walks at roughly the same time(s) each day can help both you and your dog develop a better internal “clock” that may ultimately help to improve your mood, sleep quality, mental focus, ability to relax and general outlook.

Exploring Your Area

You may find that walking your neighborhood is all the “scenery” you need during your dog care outings. But if not, you can actively seek out new neighborhoods, parks and routes near your home. Frequent walks may ultimately provide you with a perfect excuse to explore your area more broadly.

Promotes Bonding

Few relationships are more precious than those between dog owners and man’s best friends. Frequent walking will allow you and your dog to strengthen your bond, make memories and improve trust. You will slowly notice that you can read each other’s “cues” more readily and that you understand each other on a deeper level.

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