These Therapy Dogs Are Making Air Travel a Whole Lot Less Stressful

These Therapy Dogs Are Making Air Travel a Whole Lot Less Stressful

Canine Airport Therapy Squad Program CATS

The Canine Airport Therapy Squad Program (CATS) at Denver International Airport is taking off!

If you’ve ever felt frustrated, worried, or the least bit stressed while traveling by air (ahem, who hasn’t!?), you’ll love the way that Denver International Airport (DEA) has found a solution to these common challenges. 

The Canine Airport Therapy Squad Program, or CATS, was developed to help make air travel more fun, more calming, and overall better for all kinds of travelers. 

How Does CATS Work?

Volunteer pet owners from nearby Denver (mostly dog owners, although there is one cat in the program) sign their animals up for the CATS program. 

These owners volunteer their own time and the time of their dogs to work in two-hour shifts inside the airport. As you walk through each terminal, you’ll find various dogs who are participating in the program — all stationed at different locations with their owner. 

The CATS dogs tend to go where people will be more likely to be stressed, such as at a gate where a flight has recently been delayed. Passengers are encouraged to pet the dogs and spend time with them. 

Likewise, CATS dogs are on standby to help passengers who may be particularly worried about air travel. It’s not uncommon for flyers to be anxious and stressful about flying, and these sweet, calming pets can alleviate some of that tension before boarding. 

Overall, the program has been widely appreciated and celebrated by travelers passing through DIA and continues to garner positive appraisal worldwide. 

Why Owning a Pet Reduces Stress Overall

Pet ownership is a proven way to reduce overall stress in your life. In fact, just seeing the friendly wave of your dog’s tail as he welcomes you home after a long day can release the feel-good hormone oxytocin in your brain. It can also reduce the stress hormone cortisol. Pets help with loneliness, provide unconditional love and companionship, promote exercise, and are a great way to increase socialization. 

If you have been thinking about bringing a pet into your life, consider it an absolutely invaluable investment in your health and wellness. And when the time comes, remember that Sunset Veterinary Clinic is always here to provide care and support for the wellbeing of your new family member.  Make your new pet appointment at Sunset Vet Clinic today by giving us a call at (405) 844-2888.


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