Things Only Cat Owners Understand

Things Only Cat Owners Understand

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Sure, you post the cute pictures of your cat to Instagram and Facebook — the ones of them cuddling and napping innocently beside you. But if you’re a real cat owner, you know the truth … it’s not all sweet nuzzles and purrs.

Here are 4 so-true things only cat owners will understand.

1. They love to leave destruction in their wake.

Is your remote control on the end table? Got a glass of orange juice on the counter? Did you put your phone on the cabinet?

Not anymore!

Every cat has a unique period of the day (er, maybe it’s all day…) where they like to go around and knock stuff to the ground. It could be for attention. Maybe it’s on accident … More likely, they just love to destroy.

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2. No luxury cat bed will ever replace the cardboard and paper receptacle that you’d rather throw away.

Just as you head to the recycling bin with that paper grocery bag or Amazon cardboard box, you realize you’re being watched …

“But I got you that $60 cat bed last week!” you cry. But it’s no matter. When given the choice, cats will choose paper bags and cardboard boxes every time.

3. Cat hair is a part of life.

“Oh you’ve got a little cat hair on your shoulder,” your friend helpfully says as she picks it off for you.

What’s new!? you say to yourself. In other words, when isn’t cat hair on my shoulder!?And absolutely everywhere else!

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4. You no longer have personal space when your cat is around.

Though it still alarms your house guests, cat bottom in the face has become the norm for you. And that personal bubble you used to have before you became a cat owner? Forget it — your cat goes where they want to, when they want to.

These are the trade-offs you make when you become a cat owner. Fortunately for most of us, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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