Welcome J.D. the Rescued Puppy

J.D.'s has the cutest face and ears!

J.D. has the cutest face and ears!

Join us in welcoming J.D. Swickey to the Sunset Vet Clinic family!

J.D. is an adorable 10-week-old puppy with floppy ears, white paws, and a sweet face. He is a Labrador Retriever mix with black and white fur and is filled with love and curiousity. J.D. was found last week on the side of the road and rescued by his loving new owner, Jessie Swickey. A beautiful rescue story warms our hearts!

Labrador Retrievers are active, friendly, energetic, and outgoing. J.D. is just like any other lab puppy because he sniffed out his owners turkey dinner scraps and ate as much as he could before he got caught. His family brought him to Sunset Vet Clinic because his stomach didn’t agree with the turkey he gobbled up. Our team took good care of J.D. He is recovering at home and probably back to his puppy ways.

We look forward to assisting the Swickey family in caring for J.D. as he grows from a puppy to an adult.  Welcome to the family!

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