Ask the Vet: Why Does My Dog Scoot Around on His Bottom?

Dog Scooting On Floor

At one point or another, you’ve likely noticed your dog (or cat) scooting around the floor or ground on their bottom.

Why do pets do this?

The likely answer is fairly simple: Something is irritating your dog, and they’re trying to itch or affect the area, so it feels better. And while a rare and occasional scoot is probably not part of a larger issue (something may be stuck in the fur near the anus or they may just have an itch!), certain medical issues may be behind persistent scooting and dragging.

A Buildup of Material in the Anal Sacs

Most of the time, a buildup in the anal sacs is the reason dogs scoot and drag their bottoms across the ground persistently.

Just inside the rear end are your pet’s anal sacs. These are similar to a skunk’s scent glands — but thankfully not as big. Over time, these sacs can become plugged or may not empty as usual during defecation, which means they can fill up and become uncomfortable.

If left untreated, the sacs can sometimes become infected as well. And infected or not, a persistent problem of irritated anal sacs will be painful and uncomfortable for your pet — not to mention messy.

In these cases, it’s wise to make an appointment with us at Sunset Veterinary Clinic. At our offices, we’ll be able to manually empty the anal sacs to alleviate pain and discomfort and prevent or treat infection. In other cases, we can diagnose other potential culprits of the problem: possible allergies, parasites, injuries, or other skin or fur irritations.

Contact Sunset Veterinary Clinic for a Checkup

Even if you think your dog or cat’s scooting is not a serious problem, remember that your pet can’t tell you when something’s truly bothering them, so it’s always wise to check and make sure.

At Sunset Veterinary Clinic, we’d be happy to take a look at your pet to diagnose and treat the problem of scooting. To make your appointment today, give us a call!

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