In the News: Rescue Animals are Oklahoma’s State Pet

In the News: Rescue Animals are Oklahoma’s State Pet

Monday, April 26th was an exciting day for rescue animals in Oklahoma. Governor Kevin Stitt signed House Bill 1816 into law. House Bill 1816 is affectionately referred to as Cali’s Law, after the Governor’s own rescue dog. Before Governor Stitt had brought Cali — an 80-pound Catahoula mix — into his life, he had never let a dog into his home. The law was created in hopes of raising awareness for Oklahomans to open their homes to shelter pets and consider adopting rescue animals. There are so many animals sitting at shelters in Oklahoma right now needing a loving home.

Legislation for a Shelter Crisis

“There are so many pets who need and deserve a loving home, but the sad truth is that many of these animals will be put down if they aren’t adopted. The aim of this new law is to bring attention to this need and encourage more Oklahomans to open their hearts and their homes to rescue animals,” said Senator Darrell Weaver (R-Moore). The Senate author assisted in getting the legislation passed into law.

Spreading Awareness

Shelters around the country are facing overcapacity and unfortunately, animals are being put down because they were not adopted. Cali’s Law is hopefully going to help people become more aware of this issue and consider adopting a rescue dog or rescue cat. House Bill 1816 will be going into effect on November 1st of this year. The legislature does not name a specific animal as Oklahoma’s State Pet. Turtles, parakeets, cats, dogs, racoons — if it’s rescued, adopted, cared for according to local laws and falls under the state’s definition of a rescue animal, it can be considered Oklahoma’s State Pet.

Cali’s Law classifies a rescue animal as “any companion animal adopted from an animal shelter licensed pursuant to the Commercial Pet Breeders and Animal Shelter Licensing Act or animal welfare or rescue organization that facilitates the adoption or housing of companion animals with the intention of finding permanent adoptive homes or providing lifelong care for companion animals.”

Cali with her human Oklahoma State Rep. Mark McBride. (Courtesy: Oklahoma House of Representatives)

Cali with her human Oklahoma State Rep. Mark McBride.
(Courtesy: Oklahoma House of Representatives)

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